Seaford, New York

We had a sales rep come in and give us the pitch ….We said we didn't want to move forward past the three month agreement they asked us to sign unless they showed us how it works and leads they generate… needless to say we never signed paper work..

we asked them to show us how it works ... Around the three month mark the sales rep went MIA ... Only to resurface to at around 4 months time to give us passwords and logins and show us what it can do... We told him that we were not interested and wanted out and he said he would give us a few months free to see what it does..he tried every way to keep us as clients and he than tried to give us three months on the back end of a one year contract ...

Long story short we were passed to a regional manager who agreed that all the info the sales rep had given to us was false.. That he would cancel contract the next day.. 3 weeks and countless calls he explained he can't do anything to just go to court and that we would win so what's the problem... WHAT?

This isn't how you win clients ... With lies and deceits ...

Please stay away from them ...I have a $8000 collections put on me for something they never delivered …and they faked a contract with someone elses name on it… it doesn’t even look like a signature … How do companies like this exist in this day and age #scam #thomasnet

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of lead generation and associated monetary loss in the amount of $8000. Thomasnet needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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The reps go MIA because they only last a few months. They only last a few months because they are independent reps, with low skill sets, that could get no other jobs.


Welcome to Thomas-net business practices.They are an old legacy company that HAD a near monopoly on industrial directories, in print, for 100 years.

When the Internet torpedoed them out of their complacency they tried to change with the same old people and the same old business practices. Go to Google Trends and see how the search volume for Thomasnet or Thomas Register has changed over the last 7 years. Straight down. So they are desperate.

Don't feel too bad.Most of those independent reps only last a few months and will say anything to get an order.

Thomasnet Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous:

I'm a little unclear about the allegation you are making as we don't offer contracts as you have suggested - which leads me to question the authenticity of this claim. However, if you have a legitimate situation that needs attention, please reach out to me directly so I can personally assist you -

to Thomasnet #1025861

I used to work at Thomas net 17 years ago. great company! is Rudy and Chris Guido still there????

to Anonymous Nassau County, New York, United States #1198294

so did i!i think we worked there at the same time.

LOL! i eventually moved to the customer service dept. remember the cubbys we lived in?

haha.....btw, who is this????

to Anonymous Nassau County, New York, United States #1198295

remember when rudy used to rollerblade into the office???Hahahaha!!!!!i actually hated that job.

i don't know why they even hired me.

i'm not techy at all, and i had no idea what i was doing.

to Anonymous Nassau County, New York, United States #1198297

is this the short guy who lived out east who drove the kia?or the guy who looked like he was in a heavy metal band that claimed his wife was a model???

I also remember a girl, forgot her name and another guy......refresh my memory.....

to Thomasnet Pine Bush, New York, United States #1222276

You do offer contracts because I was just solicited with a quote for a year long contract with the first four months free. Stop lying! This is why our company will not choose Thomasnet to help us expand.

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