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They took the money from my credit card before they was supposed to (on website it states they won take any money until the goods are ready for dispatch).

This is a legally binding statement between the Supplier and consumer. Thats fraudulent & illegal!

They took my money very quickly but item was never in stock. Website said it was!

Had to call and ask if product had been dispatched. Woman on the 'alleged' sales team, sounded very thick skinned, allot like shes dealt with more problems than you can ever imagine.

A guy called was supposed to ring me to let me know what the situation is. Good job i didn't wait in For him to call as i knew he wouldn't, (don't ask me why, call it a sixth sense, or common sense).

I am now going to have to go through various channels to try and get my money back.

Do a search on the astro forums majority of people don't have anything good to say about this company at all.

If you have a problem with this company call trading standards the would like to here from you!


I cannot stress this enough!!!

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Thomasnet Verified Representative

This must be about some other company. ThomasNet does not take credit cards and "ship goods" and Asto Forums is for the video gaming community. Clearly this user is speaking about some other company/experience.

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