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Don't waste your time with Luxe.

Any other job will pay more. 100% BS!!! Full-Time work with no pay.

Seemed like the people in the office was fake and ready to use you for they can make a dollar. You are just a body to them! You will spend all of you gas and on you vehicle with nothing in return. Some of the ladies are very good looking and claim to went to school!

I'm just trying to help another person out looking for a good company. This isn't it!

If you have been scammed by them, write to if we team up against them we may be able to file a suit against them in court and get some if not all our back.

Thank you and be careful.

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Ha, they told you what a great product it was to sell? The they made you an independent rep right?

That way they take no risk when you fall flat on your face in 6 months. Your expenses, your gas, no benefits, no social security payments.The old churn and burn of sales reps has been going on for some time.

Did you ever hear the piece they put out that was titled "nepotism works at Thomas"? Can you believe that company would be proud of nepotism!

Thomasnet Verified Representative

"Don't waste your time with Luxe." ??? This is not about Thomasnet and should be removed/ignored.

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