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I am a plumbing contractor and my business partner transferred a sales rep to me that started off by saying, I can explain this to you in a minute, 15 minutes later with him talking and no questions from me, he came to the end of his script. I asked for his company website, and like all good reputable company's advised him I wanted to read some reviews about his company.

I don't look at all the bad reviews as part of my decision making, because I too am in business and understand that for every 20 customers 19 are satisfied and 1 is not. That 1 will tell more people than the satisfied people. When "Ryan from" heard this, he got defensive and didn't want to hear what I had to say.

I was thinking about the service, however if this is the way there customer service works I don't want it! I asked them not to call me again!

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Fair enough. There are a few sales reps that just don't always make the best impressions.

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