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Biggest marketing regret of the year is definitely going to Thomas Net. The rep insisted that over 85% of those who sign on for their services re-sign at the end of their contract. What are the chances I'll be in that 15% I thought. Well 1 year and $7,745 later, my machine shop did not generate $1 of revenue from this platform. Machine shops! Please, please do not waste your money on this site! Save your hard earned money and spend it elsewhere.... Read more

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In the entire time we have used this terrible company we have maybe seen one lead (and its been well over a year)! They will harass you to death for payment but never seem to put that much fire into finding you leads as promised. They are expensive BUT the cost would be worth it IF they delivered on even a fraction of their promises. Do NOT waste your money! You will regret it. You can do better making a company page on Facebook than this... Read more

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As a small business that makes filters for the government, aerospace and marine applications for over 40 years, we would wait for the phone to ring and rely on repeat business for sales. We never had a marketing strategy or plan for the future. Then about 5 years ago we were starting to see a slow down with the government that was affecting our sales and we knew we had to do something to find new customers. A person from ThomasNet stopped in... Read more

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We had a sales rep come in and give us the pitch …. We said we didn't want to move forward past the three month agreement they asked us to sign unless they showed us how it works and leads they generate… needless to say we never signed paper work.. we asked them to show us how it works ... Around the three month mark the sales rep went MIA ... Only to resurface to at around 4 months time to give us passwords and logins and show us what it can... Read more

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I was talked into buying the all bells and whistle package for my machine shop that delivered not one single realistic request for quote after one year. Only one from China and that was so they could compare the completion. Thomasnet was not willing to offer any compensation for poor results. I deeply regret the $3000 I spent on this advertising. In return the number of spams and sales calls I received went up instead, making it more nuisance... Read more

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For the past eight years my company has worked with ThomasNet in building our Internet marketing presence to capture more business opportunities from industrial buyers. I appreciate that ThomasNet enables us to customize our program to focus on specific products and gain a competitive advantage in our industry by choosing our ranking versus the competition. This program has generated several large accounts and qualified leads from buyers who... Read more

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ThomasNet drives targeted customer traffic to our business NSI (Neal Systems Inc.) originally starting working with ThomasNet years ago as we sensed that the transition from the old Thomas Registers (which we had quite a bit of success with!) had occurred completely. While we noticed some additional traffic to our website through their page marketing, what really made them gold was when they started helping us actually redo our website. What... Read more

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Our thomasnet program has been absolutely huge for us. We get at least a few calls everyday, and that translates into a tremendous amount of revenue. I would recommend any distributor or custom manufacturer to seriously consider a program with them if you are looking for ways to expand your reach. Before thomas we were relying almost solely on google adwords, and not seeing the results we wanted. We were spending boatloads (think 5 figures a... Read more

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We paid for a website and now ThoamasNet wont complete it. Hear is their unbelievably rude e-mail reply... Not only did they not complete our website, but they asked us to remove what they did from their servers. What an awful, unethical company ThamasNet is!!! From: Shawn Fitzgerald [] Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2014 8:20 PM To: Eran Nevo; Lisa Caputo Cc: Joe Grussenmeyer; Phil McFadden; Gregory Shafiro; Peter... Read more

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I am a plumbing contractor and my business partner transferred a sales rep to me that started off by saying, I can explain this to you in a minute, 15 minutes later with him talking and no questions from me, he came to the end of his script. I asked for his company website, and like all good reputable company's advised him I wanted to read some reviews about his company. I don't look at all the bad reviews as part of my decision making, because... Read more

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